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Last Stop for Luxury

March 10, 2021

I finally pulled the trigger and booked my hotel for Chicago for two nights: June 19th-20th. This will be the priciest lodging of my trip, but I am willing to shell it out knowing I’ll be exploring the city one last time for a long time. I got a great deal at a super swanky hotel called Swissotel. Their website calls for about $199/night, Hotels. Com asked for $116/night – but with fees totaled to $313 for two nights. I booked it through my AAA ( and also got it for $116/night, but even after adding a $12 trip insurance to it still only came out to $295 total. It’s still a good chunk of money, but totally worth it in terms of comfortable, stylish accommodations and proximity to the Chicago Art Institute and the beginning of Route 66. See photos below:

I’ve decided to stop making anymore bookings until I’m on the trail in June! The next steps are to continue plotting the route through the last bit of Missouri, on through to Galena, KS……

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