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Planning the Route to New Future...literally.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

It’s official! I booked the first lodging of my trip out West! My first location will be in Cincinnati. This will allow me to visit a few Native American sites as I pass Columbus (a city I don’t feel the need to visit since I was just there this month) and head South to Cinci. I’ll stay in there for two nights which will allow me time to settle into the fact that I am officially “on my journey”. I can explore the city on that Thursday, then head out to my next stop which is Indianapolis. I’m still continuing to add stops to my Roadtripper account. Roadtripper ( is this amazing app that allows me to create my entire journey from start to finish. It also shows you the overall mileage, cost of gas, and allows you to customize the trip by adding text and photos along your journey! Since I’m new to its interface, I’ve been plotting my route through Google Maps, then adding the waypoints in Roadtripper.

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